Northampton Civil Defence Headquarters

This building was originally built as the headquarters of the Northampton Civil Defence unit. It was used as the Civil defence headquarters until the disbandment of Civil Defence as a government funded voluntary organisation in 1968.

In the early 1970's the building was taken over by the Northampton Development Corporation, a government run organisation over seeing the expansion of Northampton in the 1970's. Though they occupied the offices above ground there is an underground level that was still equipped and used by the local authority for civil defence purposes.

It is presently used by the local education services.

Picture 1.

This is the rear of the building which faces onto Grafton Street. Originally where the small windows are on the top floor there was a balcony with aerials above.

Picture 2.

This is the front of the building which is on Crowell St. The original entrance being the blue door at the near end. A new front was built when the N.D.C. took it over and where the new entrance and windows are used to be an exit for vehicles which were parked inside, you can still see the ramp and dropped curb along the front where the new brickwork is.

Picture 3.

This is the original entrance. The grey door by the stairs leads down to the lower level. The lower level had equipment rooms stocked with equipment to be used in an emergency such as survey metres and personal monitors. There was also communications room and large planning room, The underground level runs the length of the building.

Picture 4.

During the 1970's it still had the sign over the door which said "Civil Defence Headquarters" 35 years later it is still there, they have just turned it round.