Prestatyn R11 Rotor Station and ROC Bunker

On the top of a hill overlooking Prestatyn are the remains of Prestatyn's R11 Rotor station and the Prestatyn ROC bunker. The location can be seen for miles around as there is a modern BT microwave relay station on the hill which can be seen from many miles away.

When approaching the site you can see the aerials of the BT microwave station and on the left the radar plinth from the Rotor station which sits on a small hill within the compound and which is the highest point around.

The plinth still has the mounting on the roof for the radar aerial and you can climb onto the roof using the access ladder or the foot/handholds on 3 sides. I would recommend using the ladder and if it is windy hold on but the views are great.

From here you can see the R11 station complex below which is well secured and all windows have been bricked up.

To your right as you come in the gate and before the R11 complex is the compound where the ROC post used to be.

This is in a secure compound and now houses communications equipment and has a small mast in the compound, the post is securely locked.

The R11 building seems in good condition.

All windows are bricked up and it is securely locked.

The building that housed the standby generators is open but not much remains inside.

It is opposite the entrance to the BT relay station.

The standby building itself has little inside.

The radar plinth looks a bit alone up on the hill but is worth going up to for the views from the roof.

September 5th 2007

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