Riber Castle

"Riber Castle" is a Castle built on a hilltop in Riber overlooking the town of Matlock in Derbyshire. Views from the Castle and Grounds are spectacular and well worth the trip.

To get there go to the village of Tansley about 2 miles outside Matlock on the Nottingham Road. On the south side of the road is a turning where there is a old garage like building that now sells flowers and things. The turning is signposted Riber and has a hotel sign on it. Follow this road which is very narrow to Riber. When you get there park on the right hand side just before you get to the end of the road where the phone box is.

Carry on to the phone box on foot and turn left up the hill. When you get to the top you will see some iron gates and part of the castle buildings, to the right of this gate is an alleyway that runs along a chain link fence. Go down this ally for 100M then you come to a gateway with a fantastic view over Matlock. If you turn to your left you will see the castle on your left. There is a hole in the fence half way along on the left.

When you go up the slope. You come to the castle on the right and administrative buildings on the left, left over from when it was a private zoo. In the administrative buildings there are still some remnants of the auction of animals that took place when the Zoo closed in 2000, sadly there is also more graffiti here every time I go.

If you go to the right when you get to the top of the slope you will walk past the front of the castle and you can see into the now shell of the building. The outer walls are still standing as they are of more robust stone facing but when you go inside you will see there is much decay on the brickwork and this is very dangerous in places so take care. Also be aware of open manholes etc in the grounds.

If you go into the grounds from the castle ruins there are still remains of cages that held the animals and small building where the smaller animals were and also a very small Penguin pool which is now used by kids for skateboarding.

There is a gateway at the bottom of the gardens with a small outbuilding the other side of the wall which was made famous in the film "Dead Mans Shoes" anyone who has seen the film will recognise this.

This path leads on the the back end of the grounds and where the larger of the animals were kept in stable like buildings.